PonteSoft Group 

PonteSoft Group is a company that operates through its brands BridgeMaker and Sapnext and is oriented towards providing services, consultancy and applications to companies that want to expand their business by focusing or diversifying their offer and making business processes more efficient.

The services provided make use of an Artificial Intelligence platform based on LLM (Large Language Model) and RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) models


The solutions provided by PonteSoft Group are SaaS software solutions, based on cloud and PaaS infrastructures such as AWS and Azure.

The analysis methodology is based on the following steps:


– Analysis of the client’s business needs

– Matching of business needs with global platforms/software, managed by the artificial intelligence engine

– Brokering of SaaS solutions and implementation consultancy

– Management of relationships with the SaaS solution provider and the end customer.


PonteSoft Group services also include Advisoring, Software Selection, Analysis of business processes and projection of possible business scenarios with financial and economic analysis, implementation consultancy, Project Management and post go live assistance.


All these services are provided through highly specialized consultants and coordinated by the LLM/RAG based Artificial Intelligence platform driven by a vast amount of data coming from project experiences for the various areas (administrative, logistical, production, technological) which allow next step to the classic “Best Practices”.